U8B Netball v Ardingly

11th March 2016

U8B NetballWon 9-0

We played the last netball game in our sports hall on Wednesday and the U8Bs were superb. Scarlett was captain and won the toss for the first centre pass. It was really great to see just how much this team have improved and their teamwork was excellent. 2 goals were scored in the first quarter one from Gabriella and the other from Lowenna. Clara and Mona defended well and offloaded the ball to our mid court players. Scarlett worked hard in the centre position and linked well with Lulu and Tayla on the wings to pass the ball to our shooters.

In the second quarter the girls upped the pace a little and we managed to score another 2 goals with some lovely passing into Tayla who challenged well for the ball. Another change of positions saw Mona and Lulu in the shooting circle. It was lovely to see some unselfish passing between both girls; to whoever was in the best position to score – well done – Mona scored 2 lovely goals. We were now 6 goals ahead and everyone was enjoying the game.

In the final quarter Scarlett and Clara were our shooters, with goals coming from both girls. Millie worked tirelessly in the centre position in this quarter, as did Gabriella and Amelie. Well done girls. Great teamwork and a great performance from all of you. Your hard work in lessons have certainly paid off! A lovely way to end the netball term. Huge thanks to all the parents who came to watch and well done to Tayla who was quite rightly voted Girl of the Game! MJ