U8B Netball v BHHS – Won 1-0

The U8Bs played an extremely competitive match at home this week against BHHS.

All members of the team played their part and showed an improvement from their last match.

They worked well as a team and were very supportive of each other. They were also very sporting when asked to change positions or go off for a quarter to allow another player to come on.

They do however need to work on their positional skills as they are too often crowding around the ball. This made it difficult to find a player in a space to receive the next pass and help with the flow of the game.

They won 1 – 0 with a goal from Isabella in the last few minutes of the match!

The team of Ella, Eva, Isabella, Sophie, Ellie, Nikita, Amreet and Robin should be proud of their performance.

Sophie was chosen by BHHS as their Copthorne Player of the Match and I would agree that this was a very good choice. She played extremely well – showing the ability to read the game and get into the correct position. Well done U8Bs! Mrs 2V


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