The U8B team were on fire this week as soon as the whistle went at the start of the match, the ball was swiftly brought down the court, with excellent passes and clear drives into space. In defence Sophie and Levahna were marking their opposition very tightly enabling them to consecutively intercept passes and turn the ball over to Copthorne, allowing for us to take a strong lead. Arabella and Natalie as defensive centre court players are very fast and agile which clearly shone through as they were excellent at getting free for the ball. The attacking centre court players; Lucy, Evie and Natasha showed off their strong passing skills when feeding into the shooters, I was also impressed with their knowledge of the game and positions as they were swapped around throughout the game. Josie, Summer and Amelie worked amazingly together as shooters and this reflected in the score as they scored a total of 7 goals between them. Amelie’s shooting was specifically outstanding and she was awarded player of the match. I was so impressed with the team as a whole this week especially for their footwork and the strength behind their passes.