U8B Rounders v Hazelwood 

8th May 2016

Won 16-3½ 

On a very sunny afternoon ten excited U8 girls were in high spirits as for some it was their first rounders match. Copthorne won the toss and decided to field first.

Hazelwood scored 2 halves off the first 2 balls. Copthorne then settled, the fielders began to step into the ball and threw with increasing accuracy. Tayla bowled well finding good length and Clara was quick to field the ball stopping

Hazelwood getting around first post. Danni fielded well at second deep getting the ball to Gabriella on second post who managed to get several Hazelwood batters out. After 20 balls Hazelwood had only managed to score 1. rounders. It was now Copthorne’s turn to bat and Clara was first to score half a rounder. This was soon followed by Gabriella, Amelie and Danni all scoring rounders. This spurred the team on and further rounders was scored by Lulu, Victoria, Danni, Amelia and Emilia. At the end of our first innings we had scored 9. rounders. After a drink of water and a team talk everyone was ready to start the second innings. Tee ball was played in the second

innings which helped both teams to hit the ball further and made the game very exciting. Copthorne fielded the ball well getting the ball quickly back to Gabriella in the bowling square stopping the Hazelwood batters from

running on. Several players were also stumped out at second and fourth post and at the end of their innings Hazelwood had scored 2 rounders. It was now Copthorne’s turn to bat and Copthorne batted extremely well with all players scoring. Tayla, Gabriella , Amelie and Mona all scored rounders with the rest of the team getting to second post to score half a rounder and at the end of their innings Copthorne had scored 6. rounders.

Today’s result was very encouraging and I was pleased with the girl’s performance today as they played as a team, giving encouragement to each other. Thank you to all the parents who came to watch today for your support and encouragement. Top batter was Danni who scored 2. rounders and a special mention goes to Tayla for catching a Hazelwood batter out. JC