Students with headteacher

U8C Tag Rugby v Great Walstead 

5th February 2016

It was a day that was the perfect reminder of why sport is so enjoyable and important. On a sunny but cold afternoon the boys performed well technically with some great passing, straight running, supporting the player with the ball and most importantly tackling. Games lessons have focused mainly on this last few sessions and the match showed the boys have understood, worked hard and then put in place the skills when they needed to.

Perhaps though the most impressive thing was the way the boys adapted to change. To ensure everyone got a go, and with Great Walstead having ten players to our six we borrowed two and played eight a side. Our boys made sure not only everyone from Copthorne had a go but our two guests. They did not moan but just got on with playing the game. It showed excellent maturity and that winning at this age is not important.

However the boys did win with all contributing, Jonathan, Nathan, Louis, Leon and Adwitiya but Felix who scored four tries deserves a special mention. The score was 8-5.

The boys and myself always enjoy the support of parents, so thank you.

To finish; all boys remembered boots which was an improvement from Lancing, however one boy forgot his shorts, I cannot say who he is but he is the best singer on the bus! AS