U8/U9 Mixed Rounders v St Aubyns – Lost 12½-13½

Despite the gloomy sky, the Copthorne girls were confident and ready to play this afternoon’s match against St. Aubyn’s. 

We began well, winning the toss and choosing to field first.  Some lovely fielding from Zoe M., Holly K., Ria P. and Clara V. saw one St. Aubyn’s player out and several stopped in their tracks.  However, St. Aubyn’s were particularly strong batters, meaning Copthorne needed to deliver in the next innings.  Fortunately we rose to the challenge.  Commendations to Maddy P. for scoring one rounder and to super star Ellie B. for scoring two rounders.  At half-time the score was eight and a half all, promising an exciting second half.  St Aubyn’s batted first, achieving a score of five and a half.  Enthusiastic shouts could be heard from the crowd in the final innings.  St Aubyn’s were on game with their fielding so Lottie A., Eloise 0.P., and Annalise D. did well to score half-rounders.  After brilliant play from both teams the final score was Copthorne 12½ to St. Aubyn’s 13½.  Our very deserving captain and bowler Evie P. was named player of the match by St. Aubyn’s. 

Well done to all the girls for such a fantastic, close match. JB

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