U8/U9 Rounders v Caterham – Lost 12-16

Susannah captained the team today and got the girls off to a good start winning the toss and putting Caterham in to bat first.  Abigail bowled really well and delivered some lovely straight balls to the batters.  Our fielders were a little disorganised at times, not really knowing where to throw the ball, and the Caterham girls took advantage of this and scored some good rounders, ending the innings with 8 rounders.  Our girls then went in to bat and we saw rounders from Jemima, Abigail and Susannah off their first deliveries.  Well done girls!  The game was going to come down to the second innings as the Copthorne girls weren’t very far behind with 7 rounders scored.

The Copthorne girls lost their focus a little in the second innings and once again our fielding let us down.  Caterham continued scoring rounders and half rounders ending their innings with 8 rounders scored, leaving a final total of 16 for the Copthorne girls to chase!

The Caterham bowler bowled really well and the Copthorne girls were finding it hard to make contact with the ball.  Orianne and Shriya scored rounders in the second innings but time ran out and we only scored 5 rounders.

A great match girls, some fielding work to do, but a good game nonetheless.  MJ

Sheen (2), Orianne (1), Jemima (2½), Diya (1), Abigail (2), Shriya (2), Susannah (1½), Shanaya

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