U9 ‘A’ & ‘B’ Football v Cumnor House

19th November 2016

The last matches of the season. A challenging season but the boys have always shown enthusiasm, energy and a desire to improve.

The B’s played first and went ahead thanks to a well taken goal from Luis. As ever they tackled anything that is in front of them and looked to control and pass the ball using simple passes. Unfortunately a goal was scored in the last 20 seconds to go down to a 2-1 defeat. They have improved in technique and fitness progressively which is great but they have a tendency to panic, but they have always played with passion and a smile, so well done.

The A’s however, again lost heavily. The boys seem to have lost a bit of confidence during matches and today was the same. A mix up and an early goal conceded meant we made life hard for ourselves. We work in games on controlling and passing and the boys improve every session but in matches they simply panic and do not give themselves a chance to be as good as they can be.

The boys still work hard, have improved technique and fitness levels, so much so that even though we didn’t score, the boys tried to use both feet when shooting and passing which bodes well for next year.

One moment that brightened up the afternoon that perhaps gives an example of panic and enthusiasm … The ball bounced between three players they all called for it … Then all three left it to each other!

Many thanks to parents for supporting the boys and bring on the rugby.

A’s – Elliott, Marcos, Josh, James, Lewis, Pranav and William
B’s – Rafe, Felix, Matteo, Daniel, Ollie, Adwitiya and Luis