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U9 A & B Girls Indoor Hockey v HXP – Feb 2017

26th February 2017

This term the U9 girls have looked into developing their hockey skills and on Wednesday some of them had the opportunity to play in their first hockey match.

The A team consisting of Biba, Daisy, Layla, Clara, Ella, Martha and Tayla were up first, all excited and geared up to get going. Right from the start the girls were focused and determined to get the ball and to score. Copthorne looked to have a slight edge over the opposition in the first half, building one attack after the other. The girls worked well with early shots and their pressure eventually paid off when Tayla got on the end of a well place cross from Biba to score the first goal. HXP still stayed focused and kept coming at us and just before half time sneaked an equaliser in. throughout the 2nd half both teams shared the position and attacks. Layla gave Copthorne the lead again after she stayed focused, kept her stick down and followed up a shot that came off a defender. The girls continued to play well, holding their space and getting the ball moving quickly. Biba (player of the match) was also rewarded for her many attacks by scoring the last goal of the game. End result Copthorne winning 3-1.

After watching the A’s the B’s (Danni, Gabriella, Lowenna, Victoria, Ffion, Katie and Mona) were now really keen and willing to get their chance on the pitch. They took a while before they settled and found the confidence to go after the ball and tackle. Copthorne found themselves defending a lot more as HXP looked to have more composure on the ball and were a lot stronger in their tackles allowing them to come away with the ball on their sticks more often. The visiting sides speed and determination on the ball helped them to go two goals ahead. Katie (player of the match), Lowenna and Ffion continued to apply pressure, they constantly chased after the ball and looking to get stuck into their tackles. The girls managed to create some changes and towards the end of the first half and Katie managed to pull one goal back before the half time whistle. During the last half of the match the girls improved with each touch of the ball, they reacted a lot quicker to the loose ball and stepped up towards the opposition, closing them down before they entered our defensive D to score. In the end HXP were too quick and sharp in the D, well deserving of their 4-1 win.