Students with headteacher

U9 ‘A’ Netball v BHHS

27th November 2016

This week the U9A netball team took on BHHS. Layla was our captain this week; she got the team off to a great start by winning the first centre pass. We have worked on moving onto the ball this week in our games sessions to even out the pace, it was now time to put it into practice.

The girls got off to a great start coming forward for the ball and giving options around the circle. It wasn’t long before the first goal was scored by Ella. This was followed by a further 2 quick goals, from both Ella and Layla, the girls were moving well and really working hard. The defence were also tested during the first quarter with great movement and play from BHHS leading to their first goal of the game. The score after the first quarter was 6-1 to Copthorne.

During the next quarter both teams seemed to up their games. There was great positional play from both sides with the game having a great flow. Daisy was outstanding in defence, Harley was controlling the game’s pace down the court and Ella and Layla were working together fantastically in the circle. The score at half time was 12-2 to Copthorne. The performance up to half time was outstanding by all players and they were really working hard as a team with great pace throughout! Very proud coach!

In the second half the girls had a bit of a switch around to play different positions. Despite this they continued to move onto the ball and have awareness of where their own players were. This was great to see. Further goals were scored by Layla, Ella and Clara bringing the final score to 21-3.

Today’s game really showed the depth we have in our squad and the versatility of our players. A great performance from all! The player of the match was Harley! Thank you again to all our supporters.