Students with headteacher

U9 ‘A’ Rugby v Brambletye & Windlesham

3rd December 2016

We travelled south today in freezing conditions to play in a triangular fixture down at Windlesham where the pitches had only just defrosted enough to be playable. In our first game against Brambletye our opponents played quite well and we seemed to have forgotten all that we have worked on in the last few weeks. There was no structure to our game and we all crowded around the ball getting in each others way and leaving huge gaps on the flanks which Brambletye exploited to win 3-0.

In our second game we did play better, spreading out a little more and even though Windlesham won by 5 tries to 3, we played much more positive rugby. Windlesham had one large and mobile player who we struggled to contain, and he was involved in pretty much all of their tries, but we replied with 3 good tries of our own, thanks to good running from Toby, William and Dylan.

Some of our boys obviously struggled to play under the very cold conditions, and I was pleased that we improved from one match to the next, but there is clearly still a lot to learn as we are not really taking the skills learned in training into matches enough.