The U9 A girls started off very slow in their match against Great Walstead. There were still some good passes and a few good attempts to get the ball to the shooters but unfortunately it just didn’t seem to work out for them as they were 5-0 down at half time. A few words of encouragement at half time and the girls had their fighting spirit back again, scoring quite a few goals within minutes! Excellent defence also played a vital part in the next couple of minutes as the Copthorne girls refused to let the other team score any more goals and were back in the third quarter with a 3-5 score. A combination of accurate passes and some tactical play with a touch of Copthorne determination ensured the score of 6-4 in the end as the Great Walstead girls managed to slip that last goal in just before the whistle. A fantastic effort in the second half of the match by the whole team!
Player of the match: Roselly Hamlett and Rebecca Frost for brilliant tactical play and defence.