U9 A&B Football v Duke of Kent

U9B Football v Duke of Kent

It was a dull and drizzly day as the boys stepped out onto the pitch.  The boys were excited about their daubed match, The Bs were excellent with sharp passing and great communication.

We managed to score some quick fire goals from K. Linkin, to allow us at half time to come off with a 2–0 lead, the boys

devoured their oranges and took to the field with all the ambition to win the game.  Within seconds E. Meldrum was storming up the side line, a beautiful cross in left K. Linkin with an easy tap to score his hat-trick.

The fourth goal game from the opposition’s goal keeper, and as the whistle went the boys came away with a 4-0 win.

I was very proud of the way the boys played as a team and with only a couple of training sessions together, let’s hope they can carry this on all season.  WL

U9A Football v Duke of Kent

The boys went onto the pitch all fired up and ready for a win, they started with great tempo, some lovely play from

C. Preen and D. Westwood saw us get some early goals.

I was really proud to see them working as a whole unit, with W. Goodwin barking commands from the goal and Z. Riley commanding the mid field.

I was really glad to see the boys not playing selfish football and wanting to pass, and find space to allow them to score and dominate the game.  All in all a great start to the season and I hope we can carry on playing like this.  WL


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