Students with headteacher

U9 ‘B’ Rugby v Windlesham

3rd December 2016

On a bright but chilly afternoon another group of enthusiastic boys wanting to play sport … Happy days.

As Windlesham only had 6 players and we had 8 after consulting with their teacher we played 7 a side with lots of Copthorne boys rotating. It did mean the match became more of a training match but at least there wasn’t anybody standing around in the cold.

In the first half scores were split roughly 50/50 indeed Windlesham may have scored one more however after a quick discussion on the game with a minimum number of passes to be used Copthorne showed that collectively their skills were better than the opposition who relied on two main players.

I must congratulate the boys who improved dramatically as the match went on everyone made a tackle including two fantastic ones by Lewis and Felix and the boys ensured everyone started and everyone had a run first pass. Very pleased with the boys, all should gain confidence from some element of the match.

Parents, again thank you for your support I think most boys got a try or contributed to one being scored.

Team in no particular order Felix, Elliott, Dan, Arun, Lewis, Pranav, Luis and Marcos