Students with headteacher

U9 Netball v Ashdown House

7th March 2016

This week the girls U9A team took on a mixed team of U9 and U10s from Ashdown House. The girls were nervous to play against some U10s but were incredibly keen to carry on their winning streak! Amelie was the captain who got us off to the best start by winning the first centre pass. The girls got off to a bit of a shaky start; the ball was intercepted by Ashdown which led to the first goal! As the first quarter continued it was clear that the girls were a little nervous but they were beginning to get back into their usual rhythm of play. After goals were scored by both Keira and Zara the girls looked much happier. The score at the end of the first quarter was now 5-2 to Copthorne but it was close!

During the second and third quarter it was clear that any nerves had vanished and the girls were focused on playing their game. They were man to man marking tightly and driving forward for the ball. Gabbi was really working hard as ‘C’ making great interceptions and really linking the play together. Amelie and Keira were driving forwards and getting into great spaces while Zara was ready to shoot, linking and passing well with all the attack. The defence were doing an amazing job at limiting the number of balls into the circle. Amreet was solid as ‘GK’ while Eva, Annabelle and Sophie were making interceptions in all areas of the court. The play was outstanding! The score at the end of the third quarter was now 16-6 to Copthorne!

Despite having a 10 goal lead the girls continued to work their socks off and the whole team really was outstanding. The final score was 21-6! A fantastic result. A huge thank you to all of the team for their efforts and teamwork. Brilliant! A big thank you to all the supporters too- a great match to watch! One more match to go girls! HC