Students with headteacher

U9A Cricket v Lancing College Prep – Summer 2017

11th June 2017

The A’s were put into bat first and went steadily about their business scoring an average of just over 13 runs per pair, or over a run a ball if you prefer. During the course of our 12 overs we lost 3 wickets thanks to 2 clean bowls and a catch, which meant our run total would be reduced by 15 runs at the end of the innings. We only managed to hit 4 boundaries, however we were running some very quick singles and capitalising on any bye opportunities. I enjoy watching aggressive cricket so was entertained throughout. Come the end of our innings and with the score adjusted for lost wickets we finished on 66 runs. This was not the highest of targets for Lancing to reach so a fine spell with the ball in hand was needed.

Batting Figures: Charlie (11), Josh (9), Matthew (6), Alex and Pranav (4), Dylan, Harry and Arun (3), William (2), Lewis, Rafe and Daniel (1)

Lancing then took to the square knowing that scoring 11-12 runs per pair without loss would seal their victory. Our bowlers had other ideas and quickly began to reduce the total every time it looked as though they were hitting the required run rate. Arun and Lewis took a wicket each before Rafe claimed a run out. We then bowled a couple of expensive overs which swung it in Lancing’s favour so as we entered the final pairing our visitors had done exceptionally well to get their run chase down to 8 from 12 balls! A clean bowl from Alex shifted the momentum our way so when Josh got his hand in the ball for the final over of the day Lancing remained on 8 runs needed from 6 balls. The game was firmly in the balance but Josh had enough speed and accuracy to limit the runs and even claimed a run out on the final ball. With adjustments made Lancing finished on 57 runs which meant a Copthorne win by 9 runs.

This was a very exciting game to umpire and it was played in good spirits. Both teams showed promise with bat and ball but it was wickets that won it in the end. Lancing actually outscored us by 1 run but those 2 extra wickets were more than enough for the win. Well done boys; Mr Jenkins will be very happy to hear about your win.