U9A Football v Brambletye – Won 5-1

It was another near perfect performance from the boys at Brambletye. The boys were determined to come away with another win, and carry on their unbeaten season, they were as slick as ever, and with some lovely passing from C Nimmo leaving Z Riley with 3 goal opportunity’s which he took with style.

D Westwood and A Smith-Carretero played their socks off in defence and made sure that the boys up front had all the ball they could ever want. There were some lovely shots taken by C Nimmo and C Preen, to end the game with a 5-1 win.

I hope the boys keep up the attitude, and keep on winning I hope we can go into half term with an unbeaten season.

Keep it up boys, proud as ever with the performance from all.  WL


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