U9A Football v St Auybns – Won 3-0

It was a sunny day and the boys strolled onto the pitch, they were full of confidence after last weeks match.  It started off with some quick fire passes form all the team leaving C Preen with a lovely shot on goal, the game had started as it meant to go on, with A Smith–Carretero, stopping players left right and centre, the boys up front had plenty to play with, Again C Preen had a blistering goal and the score at half time was 2–0.  The boys took to the field again ready to finish the match in style and after some beautiful crosses and corners form C Nimmo, and some lovely running by the captain Z Riley. The boys again found themselves with another goal. The whistle went and the boys had managed a 3–0 victory.

I was very proud of the boys again, I would love to give a man of the match but I thought they all deserved it for giving 100% out there, Keep it going boys.



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