Won 2-0 and Drew 1-1

This week the girls also played in their first hockey match against two other schools. As this was their first match they were a little nervous but eager to learn and play. After a quick run through of the rules and positions it was time to play! First up was Handcross and they had the first push back. Despite this our girls got stuck in from the whistle and won the ball. There was great movement and play from Bella, Tianna, Rachel and Jennifer up front while Anna was a star in defence. The score was 2-0 to Copthorne with goals from Tianna and Rachel. Jennifer was voted player of the match for her brilliant tackling and movement with the ball.

Now that the girls had got over their initial nerves of playing hockey they were ready to take on Gt Walstead and they knew this would be a tough match. The girls were now starting to play as a unit and worked brilliantly in defence to limit Gt Walstead’s chances. Anna was supported by Jasmine, Pippa, Priya and Ruby and they were effectively clearing the ball. Tianna, Bella, Jennifer and Rachel were also working as a unit to bring the ball down to the shooting circle. The final score was 1-1! What a fantastic game! Anna was voted player of the match for her superb defending!

I hope all the girls enjoyed their hockey and they showed great promise for this term’s matches.

A very proud coach this week!