This week the U9As took on Cottesmore and today’s captain was Tianna. The girls got off to a great start with Talia winning back the first centre pass. Tianna, Rachel and Bella then moved quickly to get the ball into the circle and Bethany scored the first goal of the game. During the first half all girls were marking their players tightly and were fighting for the ball. At times they were a little crowded and needed to move into space before driving forward, however this did not stop the ball moving down to the shooters. Goals were scored by both Bethany and Rachel who once again were working well and using Bella and Tianna. The score at half time was 5-0 to Copthorne. In the second half all girls continued to play well and Cottesmore were now into their game too. Great interceptions were made from both teams and both teams had great passages of play. All girls were now fighting for the ball and demonstrating good netball skills. The final score was 6-1 to Copthorne. 

Well done to Ruby, Anna, Talia, Pippa, Priya, Tianna, Bella, Rachel and Bethany. This week’s player of the match was Bethany for her amazing shooting. Won 6-1 

A great game girls!