Won 12-1

This week’s captain was Tianna who got the team off to a good start by winning the first centre pass. After a long Christmas break it didn’t take the girls long to get back into the swing of things and the girls started strong. Goals were scored from both Rachel and Bethany and Tianna was on fire, making great interceptions and linking the play. Talia was electric in defence and the girls were working as a team. The score after the first quarter was 5-0 to Copthorne. After a slight change of position in the second quarter the girls got a little over confident and errors started to appear. The score was now 6-1 to Copthorne with Rachel scoring a brilliant goal.

During the second half the girls once again picked up their game. Marking was tight and play flowed down the court when attacking. This was much better to see.

Bethany and Rachel were working brilliantly in the circle while Jennifer, Anna and Priya were working hard in the centre court. The final score was 12-1 to Copthorne with Tianna being voted as player of the match! This was well deserved. A great start girls! Well done!