Match Day! Ashdown were to host our U9 A rugby fixture for the week. The lads were confident that a warm day in the UK was just the ingredient we needed for another win on the cards.

After a good solid warm up the boys looked as ready as ever to face the opposition. The game started well with all the boys looking confident and making good tackles. It wasn’t long before there was a dropped ball from Ashdown and Copthorne were able to capitalize. General play in the first half was a tad scrappy, however Copthorne were not put off by this and managed to run over a few more tries before half time.

For the second half Copthornes’ objectives were to be quicker to ruck over at the break down, and to get the ball past flyhalf in the backs, so we could practice getting the ball down the line. We managed to do this on multiple occasions and the passing by the boys was fantastic, with some great off load rugby.

The tackler of the day and man of the match went to Brad Smith; Rucker of the day went to Will Francis.