Won 5-0 

Try Scorers: Archie (2), Sam R, Sam P, Nicholas

You always go into your first game of contact with a little trepidation, and as the coach I was hoping my boys would take to the game well, but they exceeded my expectations today. St Christopher’s certainly had the edge in terms of size, but our boys were clearly the more tough, aggressive and well drilled side.

One of the things that pleased me most about our game was our excellent tackling in defence. Matthew was possibly the outstanding tackler in our side, but both Sams, William and Nicholas also stood out for their excellent defence. Christopher and James were both good at moving up quickly in defence to put the opposition under pressure, and I was probably more delighted by the fact that our opposition did not score any tries than by the fact that we got 5 of our own. Having said that, our boys did well in attack too. Archie proved to be too strong a runner for the opposition to bring down easily, and Sam P was very threatening with the pace at his disposal.

Towards the end of the game the boys even started to throw a few passes instead of just running straight into contact, which is very impressive for their first game of contact!

Well done boys; great job! DJ