Students with headteacher

U9B Cricket v Pennthorpe

26th June 2016

Going into the final week of the fixture calendar the U9B’s knew that they had to get back to winning ways in order to finish the season on a high. Pennthorpe played hosts on a glorious day in what turned out to be an exciting game of ‘pairs cricket.’ Once again, Josh opted to bowl first and we made great in roads into the Pennthorpe batting order. Although they were scoring runs from our bowling we kept taking wickets and reducing their total. At the end of their 7 pairs they amassed 93 runs, one of the biggest totals of the season; however our 6 wickets deducted 30 runs from the score leaving 63 as our target. Wickets: Arun (2 run outs), Pranav (1 bowled, 1 caught), Hamish (1 run out), Josh (1 bowled) We were a little more aggressive with the bat today and even more so when running between the wickets and stealing extra runs. Although there were a fair share of wides and no balls to assist our total I was generally pleased with the way we batted and to score a total of 85 runs was great. Even with the 3 wickets that we lost we ended with a final total of 70 runs, winning the game by 7! So, yet another close game but this time we were the ones cheering at the end. Runs: Josh (6), Arun (6), Rian (3), Pranav (3),
Finley (1), Christopher (1), Rafe (1), Lewis (1)

Well done boys! MA