U9B Football v St Aubyns – Won 1-0

These boys were ready for it, they wanted to win, and you could see it in the way the organised themselves,.  The opposition gave up a good fight, and the boys really had to dig deep. G Jones, had some great play in defence and allowed the boys to start moving down the field, after half time and some water and oranges they were refuelled and ready to score. N Lopalco, was ruthless putting his body on the line to allow P Kinnear his shot on goal, and after a great shot, the boys had finally done it, they were ahead, and with everyone playing as a unit, they managed to maintain that all the way until the final whistle.

I am really proud of the way the boys bonded as a unit and wanted to play for each other, I hope they can keep this up for further matches.  WL

After last week’s match against the Duke of Kent, I said that the Bs third goal came from the oppositions goal keeper, I would like to apologise to R Patel, as it was down to his speed and accuracy that he managed to score as the goal keeper fumbled the ball.  Congratulations should be given to R Patel for his great work in the game.  Well done!

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