Copthorne were in possession of the ball from the onset. Their passing and movement on court gave them the opportunities to score which after a couple of attempts they did.

Our attackers, Jasmine, Jemima and Jennifer worked well together feeding the ball to our GS Sophie. Although our defenders, Pippa, Jessica and Ivy- May did not see much action in the oppositions shooting third they made some great interceptions making it very difficult for Hurst to get into a shooting position.

By half-time our girls were clearly the stronger team and although the bitter cold had got to some of them they kept going. Hurst picked up their pace in the third quarter and shot another three goals. Their shooting was very accurate and although the end score would suggest otherwise there were moments where they put Copthorne through their paces.

So well done girls, this is the second match I have had the pleasure to umpire and I continue to be very impressed with your skills and team work. You are a super team! Player of the match Jennifer. Mrs Dodson’s player Jasmine