U9B Pairs Cricket v Hurst

19th June 2016

Thankfully the rain stayed away so we played out an exciting game of pair’s cricket in the sunshine. We won the toss and opted to bowl; a wise move in pair’s cricket, putting Hurst into bat first. We bowled relatively well throughout giving away very few runs off the bat. However, there were a handful of wides or no-balls per pair that allowed the Hurst scoreboard to keep ticking over. Eighty runs were scored in total but the 4 wickets that we took reduced the Hurst score to 60 runs. All we needed to win was to score 10 or more runs per batting pair, which was achievable with the amount of extras that are given away. We were on target to win rather comfortably until midway through our innings, having not lost any wickets, and then all of a sudden we lost 7 wickets in 3 pairs! This reduced our score by a massive 35 runs leaving us 22 runs short. There was certainly opportunity to score more runs this week as the Hurst bowling was fairly accurate, so that coupled with giving away some cheap wickets was our downfall. Under 9 cricket is a learning experience so I do not worry too much about the result. As long as the boys are putting into practice what they are learning in Games lessons then the coaches will be happy. MA Pairs: Josh and Lewis, Hamish and Daniel, Pranav and Elliott, Rian and Freddie, Lucas and Rafe, Christopher and Luke.