U9B Rounders v Ardingly – Won 19½-16½

What a fantastic way to get the rounder’s season underway, with the sun shining and a great game to watch between Copthorne and visitors Ardingly. It was both teams first match but as soon as the first ball was bowled the girls got right into the game. Sheen got Copthorne’s scoreboard ticking with ½ a rounder to 2nd post. Nura and Katie followed suit and added another 1½ rounders. After everyone’s first round of batting the girls gained confidence and started to make a lot more contact with the ball but Ardingly’s fielding was up to the challenge and stopped the girl’s from reaching 2nd post. It was Ilana and Katie that ended Copthorne’s first innings with superb rounders each.

Ardingly got off straightaway with ½ a rounder in their 1st innings, but it was not until their 8th batter did they score another rounder off the bat. Katie did well bowling and limiting the number of rounders with great fielding and passing to the post players. Kushi was not to be out done as she took a fantastic catch at backstop. Ardingly did manage to keep the ½ rounders flowing and only falling 1½ rounders short of Copthorne’s total.

The 2nd innings was much like the first but with a few more rounders coming off the bat and a lot more risks taken when running. Haya was the first to score a rounder this time round and with ½ rounders coming from Sheen, Shanaya, Kushi and Ilana, Copthorne were beginning to post a defendable target. Katie was once again the pick of the batters adding another 1½ rounders to the score.

Ardingly came back fighting with ½ rounder being scored from their 1st batter. Katie gave a few ½ rounders away from no balls but the opposition started to chip away at Copthorne’s total with some excellent batting and running between posts. Ardingly were beginning to score rounders easily but Copthorne held strong in the field and came away to win by 3 rounders.

Well done to all the girls and thank you to the parents for your cheers and support.  HP

Team: Ilana (1½); Kushi (1); Sheen (1); Nura (½); Shanaya (1); Haya (1); Jemima; Isha; Katie (3½)


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