Students with headteacher

U9B Rounders v Handcross Park – Summer 2017

11th June 2017

Today I had the pleasure of coaching and umpiring the U9B team. From the start to the finish all of the girls were enthusiastic and they thoroughly deserved the result they got today! Victoria was the captain and despite losing the toss she spurred the U9s on to go into bat first. All of the U9s batted well with Danni scoring a rounder and Gabby scoring two! Tayla, Marissa, Belle and Victoria all also gained half a rounder each. At the end of this innings the U9s had scored 5 1/2 rounders, a great start!

The U9s then went into field in this innings and were superb, working together well as a team, to get 7 players out, out of the 9 players! There was a superb catch from Njeri at the beginning on first post and Gabby also took a great catch as bowler. Then between Danni, Victoria and Marissa they managed to stump out another 5 players! At the end of this innings the score was 5 1/2 rounders each, so it was all to play for in the second innings!

The U9s then went into bat again and didn’t disappoint, beating their score from the first innings with rounders from Danni, Belle (1 1/2each), Marissa (1) and Tayla, Danni, Belle and Amelie all got half rounders too. This innings brought the U9s score up to 11 1/2!

The U9s then went into field for the last time and again were fantastic, acting upon advice given and trying to remember to make triangles at the posts to back each other up! They again had another strong innings with Belle and Gabby having a great game as bowler and backstop and once again between Danni, Victoria and Marissa they stumped 3 players out, with Tayla also taking a great catch on fourth post! It was all very exciting today and it literally came down to the last ball as to whether the U9s would take the win today, Handcross managed to score from this which in the end levelled the score 11 1/2 all!

It was a fantastic match to watch and umpire today, so well done to all of the U9s, you throughly deserved the draw and were unlucky not to take the win today! POM today was Gabby picked by Handcross and my POM were Danni and Marissa! Well done girls, keep it up!

Danni 2 1/2, Belle 2 1/2, Gabby 2 1/2, Tayla 1 1/2, Marissa 1 1/2, Victoria 1/2, Ava, Njeri and Amelie.