Students with headteacher

U9B Rugby v Shoreham College

17th January 2016

Won 13-0

Braving the cold weather at Shoreham the U9B team put on a fantastic performance. They were the more experienced team and used their skills to out run, out pass and out tackle their opposition. Each player played well and were each able to run in at least 1 try. In the first half Shoreham didn’t know what had hit them with the Copthorne boys running in several tries in quick succession. Ronnie, Lucas and Thomas were able to snake their way in and around the opposition. With this lead the team were able to experiment with some different moves and passes down the line. There was no way through for Shoreham, each time the try line got close a collective tackle caused a turn over by pushing them into touch.

As the match progressed Shoreham tried to hit back with some big boys trying to break the line. Copthorne stayed strong with some excellent tackling particular mention to James and Christopher. There were two brilliant tries scored down the side-line with Ruari and Ewan drawing the last man and giving the pass. The team stayed strong and finished off the last set-play with a good try despite some un-sportsmanship play by the other side. The team won 13-0 in the end and are keen to play again against a more challenging opponent.

Well done boys. JH

Christopher (3), Ronnie (2), Lucas, (1), Thomas (1), Rory

(2), Ewan (3) and James (2)