Students with headteacher

U9C Cricket v Gt Walstead

27th May 2016

Won by 6 runs

As we walked over to the wicket before the match one of the boys said that they hadn’t yet won a match. I said that it was, therefore, a good day for a victory. The question was whether or not the boys would rise to the challenge. Matteo won the toss and we then had a team strategy discussion, which included the risk-return profile of “assuming the misfield” and aggressive running between the wickets. Andrew and Elliot were our first pair out to bat and they had to deal with some variable, some would say hostile, bodyline bowling. A return of 8 runs including a little help from the extras tally was a solid start. James and Daniel batted next and a lovely cover drive from Daniel for four off only his second ball really got the scoreboard ticking over. Arun and Thomas were making all the right noises about running everything and when Thomas hit his first ball for four, we looked well set for a big total. The bowlers’ accuracy improved however and it was not until the end of their second over together that Arun could cut loose with two runs and then a four off his final two balls. Finlay and Marcos were also pinned down by accurate bowling and when they decided some aggressive running was indeed called for Finlay was unlucky to be run out by a direct hit from the boundary. Our final pair was Matteo and Matthew who added a further 12 runs including a four from Matteo and some good stroke play by Matthew. Our total stood at 162 and now it was the turn of our bowlers.
Everyone delivered some dot balls (where no run is scored) but Finlay was the most economical with only one run coming from his over, followed by Marcos who conceded only three runs. When Aran and Andrew came on to close out the match 22 runs were needed off two overs. Aran restricted them to only 7 runs and then Andrew wrapped up the innings conceding only 8 which resulted in a victory by just 6 runs. Ben Stokes could learn a thing or two from our bowling at the death and whereas the aggressive running between the wickets never really materialised, the boys tucked into a well-earned tea having secured their first victory of the season.

Man of the match goes to Marcos for his all-round contribution.

Well done all!