U9C Football v Brambletye – Won 9-0

The Under 9C team took to the field, playing a 5 a-side match against a surprisingly younger Brambletye team.

The whistle blew to start the match and straight away the Copthorne team came out all guns blazing.

D. Persad’s pace was shown very early on as he made it look easy out sprinting the opposition down the touchline. He managed to bag himself 2 goals in the game which came from great control and powerful booting!

The impact from N. Jeffery’s was spectacular off the bench who managed to manipulate his way through the defence to nail 2 goals in the back of the net in the 1st half, and followed up with a hat trick after putting his 3rd in the 2nd half as well.

J. Flanagan’s power was shown as he managed to barge his way down the field to a 1 on 1 with the keeper, sending it sailing past his fingertips!

J. Weir seamed to be in the right place at the right time after getting 2 through balls from a fellow team mate, where he managed to finish it off twice, pummeling the tiny ball deep into the net.

As H. Clark-Wells took to the field he showed he had the pace to run around the opposition, then ducking back in field where he managed to send one of his own sailing past the keeper.

All the boys managed to play extremely well today and all the goal scorers plus B. Elliot, N. Lopalco who both had a stint in the goal box played extremely well whether in the goal or on the field and B. McFadden’s pace and defence around the field has to be noted!

A big mention to the Brambletye boys, who played their very best, going up against some older boys, well done for that!

Well done to all the boys, the final score sat at 9-0 to Copthorne.  It was a good first match of the season for you all and a lot of potential was shown.  Thanks a lot boys!  QM




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