Copthorne’s U9Cs played a fantastic game of football on Wednesday at Cumnor House to wrap up their season. The Cs have come a long way since the start of the season and have really developed as a team which is what allowed them to secure their win against Cumnor.

Rian scored a fantastic goal sending the ball into the top left corner leaving the final score at 1-0. The goal however would not have been possible without the efforts of the midfielders Nithin, Hamish and Finley who fought incredibly hard against Cumnor to send the ball up to Rian and stopping it from going deep into Copthorne’s half. Cumnor were an evenly matched opponent for Copthorne and had several attempts at goal however the attempts were halted by the defence of Ruari, Lucas and goal keeper Rio who all produced amazing saves that were crucial during the game.

The Cs have truly been a pleasure to train and watch play over the season and should always remember to smile and have fun when playing on the field. JM