U9/U8 Rounders v Hazelwood

The girls took on Hazelwood this week. The sun was shining, it was a lovely day for a game of rounders. We went into bat first, with all the girls trying their hardest with their batting and trying to hit the ball. Hazelwood’s fielding was good and the bowler held the ball up most times so we struggled to get to 2nd to allow us to score half a rounder. Shriya and Isha both got half rounders in the first innings. Shanaya did a great big hit and scored a rounder, she was super quick with her running from post to post. We scored 2½ rounders in the first innings.

Hazelwood went into bat and they also scored 2½ rounders in the first innings. Ilana started off the bowling and gave it a good go, we then swapped and Haya had a go at bowling. Isha had a super game on 2nd post and managed to stump a few Hazelwood girls out. Sheen had a good game as backstop and also managed to catch one of the girls who did a backwards hit. Orianne was hitting the ball well today, Susannah tried her best to hit the ball but did some good running whilst watching the ball to make sure she didn’t get stumped out. Nura nearly got a whole rounder but the girl on 4th post stumped her post so she couldn’t get the whole way around. Diya and Shriya tried very hard with their fielding and their batting. We fielded again and Hazelwood managed to score a few more rounders than we did. It was a close game today and the girls played very well. LJ

Well done girls. Player of the match – Shanaya



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