Under 8s tournament – 9th March

This week with the boys not having another school to play against we organised a inter Copthorne tournament, so that all the boys got the chance to play in a match.

We thought we would spice it up and make four even ability teams to have a good honest competition.

We named each team after the four top running teams in the Aviva completion so we had Saracens, Bath, Gloucester and Leicester Tigers.

We played a round robin tournament so that each team ended up playing each other.

All the boys played fantastically and there were plenty of amazing tries by a lot of the lads, everyone was keen to throw themselves around and dive for the opposing tags and the rivalry between the teams really made the boys try hard to be the competition champions!

After heated rounds of matches the team that managed to secure tournament champions was the Bath squad which consisted of B. McFadden, A. Smith, S. Guest, N. Lopalco and D. Persad.

Well done to all the boys for the participation and for all the support from the parents that came and watched it made the tournament all that more exciting.  Keep up the good work boys!  Q. McKenna

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