U9 Rugby v Lancing Prep

Copthorne    5    Lancing Prep    1

Try Scorers: Joseph C (3), Luca, Sam

Everyone was delighted that the weather had just about allowed the Under 9s to play their first match of the term, though it was still awfully muddy, and conditions did not encourage expansive rugby. Lancing contested well and played the game in the right spirit, but they did not compete much when it came to rucks and this meant that we controlled possession of the ball for large parts of the game. To give them credit, the Lancing boys tackled with enthusiasm, and we did not exploit the space out wide, as our backs got sucked into rucks, but eventually gaps began to open up and Joseph squirmed his way through on the blind side to score our first try. It wasn’t too long before the second try followed with the same player eluding several tackles to score his second. Luca really stood out in the first half for being the most aggressive tackler, and along with Jayden and Ben, they barged over the ball at every ruck to secure it for the team. Our wingers Gus and Jacob did not get that much ball, but both ran well when they did get hold of it.

In the second half we were playing up the slope, and were disappointed to concede a try early in the half, but Ben made some excellent ground by running nice and straight whenever he got the ball, and this set up another try for us with Sam using his pace to get past the defenders. Jamie H, our captain for the day started putting in some huge tackles in the second half, and with him and Luca coming at them, the Lancing boys didn’t really want to receive the ball! Charlie had a fine game in the first half, and when Ameer came on he tackled really well in his first ever match, and was unlucky not to score after a pass that was slightly forward. Jamie and Luca carried on going with the excellent tackling and ripping to win us a lot of ball and the Lancing boys really struggled to tackle Joseph once he got some space, and he soon crossed the line for his third try. A well deserved final try came to Luca who smashed his way through a tackle on the right side of the field to score in the corner. A fantastic return to action boys; I hope to see more of the same in two weeks against Great Walstead! Well done!

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