We had a wonderful afternoon last Friday, despite the rain! The children all loved the experience and certainly tried their hardest. Mrs Parker was delighted with their swimming & PE skills, and a big thank you to Mr Parker and his friend for their invaluable help with the bikes. Thank you as well to the terrific Year 6 helpers, who counted, pushed, cheered on and generally supported their young friends.

In our eyes, all the children were winners and we were so proud of every single individual, particularly those who had never considered attempting such a feat before!

Many congratulations to the top 4 finishers in each category:

Boys Year 1
1st          Jack P
2nd        Nathaniel H-B
3rd         Max W
4th         Alexander B 

Girls Year 1
1st         Cornelia L-A
2nd        Darcy B
3rd        Sorcha C
4th        Isobel P

Boys Year 2
1st          Rohan G
2nd        Caelan D
3rd         Harrison B
4th=      Eisa K
               Eddie L

Girls Year 2
1st          Sienna C
2nd        Anishka P
3rd         Isabella E
4th         Melia F