You just had to be there!

Colts A v Pennthorpe Match drawn

Copthorne 119 for 8, Pennthorpe 118 for 9


 I could write a report about how many runs each player scored how many wickets they took and how wonderful the catches were but that would pale into insignificance over the team spirit and sense of camaraderie that this match was all about. It was gladiatorial and had it all.


We batted and set a decent target, they batted and looked like chasing it down whilst we slowly chipped away taking wickets. With twenty minutes to go they were winning, with ten to go we looked like winning. Parents were not moving in case it heralded bad luck, superstitions were all over the place and Mrs Abdool even undertook some form of dance routine on the boundary to encourage the team along! 1 over left, 1 wicket to win or concede 5 to lose. Two balls left, the crowd where offering instructions, the teams were encouraging each other to victory and the tension mounted, 1 ball left a wicket to win or two runs to lose.


The game ended in a draw with both teams celebrating, parents applauding and coaches exhausted.


This was a fitting end to an excellent unbeaten season and epitomised all that is good about school sport. My thanks go to the whole A team squad for their endeavours both in training and in matches and also to the parents for watching through rain, gales and some sunshine. We had great fun and have many great memories. Well done and thank you. BC

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