Lucy’s success at a National Ballet Competition

Lucy recently took part in the ISTD Senior Ballet Awards at The Hawth Theatre, Crawley.  This is a prestigous national ballet competition that takes place annually and is highly regarded in the dancing world, with only a handful of children from each dance school being put forward to take part.

Lucy was competing in the Senior Awards for the first time and danced in the Grade 3 section, against over 60 other competitiors.  Children took part in a forty-five minute class and were expected to perform un-rehearsed ballet sequences in front of an audience of some 400 spectators. Lucy performed exceptionally well and was awarded one of only 20 places in the finals.

This competition followed an exciting weekend in London, where Lucy spent a day being filmed dancing for a forthcoming ballet DVD for the Imperial Society of Dance Teachers.  This DVD will be used to teach both dance teachers and students how to perform exercises and dances for a particular ballet grade.  This was a great honor, as Lucy was one of only a handful of students nationally selected for the filming.


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