Over half term Lucy Billingham-West has been dancing at the Semi Finals of the All England Dance Competition in Cranbrook, Kent. This is the culmination of over two years’ worth of festivals, with the “best of the best” dancers from all over the South of England fighting it out to achieve a coveted place in the National Finals.  Lucy was delighted to win a place at the finals with her solo Character (Mary Lennox from “The Secret Garden”) and will now be dancing in the National Finals at The Peacock Theatre, London at the end of July. Although Roshe (Lucy’s dance school) had numerous groups, trios and duets win places at the finals, solo dances are far more difficult to qualify with. Lucy was the only dancer, under the age of 13, to win a place with a solo dance from her dance school – a huge achievement considering the calibre of dancers at the Semi Finals!  Her Greek group has also made it through to the finals and Lucy also won two “Distinction with Special Commendations” for her Ballet and Modern solos.  Well done Lucy!