Ashley Thomas Music Scholarship to Worth

Katherine Parkin Academic & All-Rounder Scholarship to Caterham

Basil Dineen Academic Scholarship to Caterham

Charlotte Varela Academic Scholarship to Caterham

Romy Sherlock Academic Scholarship to Caterham

Subin Ahn All-Rounder Scholarship to Brighton College

Ellen Webb Art Scholarship to Burgess Hill

Over 31% of our Year 8 children have scholarships already

Senior School Entry

Jayson Pepper Offered a place at Caterham

Tom Draude Offered a place at Worth

Josh Norman Offered a place at Ardingly & Notre Dame

Ellen Webb Offered a place at Ardingly & Notre Dame

Becky Kirby Offered a place at Notre Dame

Ross Waumsley Offered a place at Box Hill School

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