Students with headteacher

Science Day

15th March 2016

A brilliant day was had by all on Friday’s science day, Ardingly College brought their amazing Solar car to school and the children learned about Solar energy and sat in the car. Some even had a drive around the playground…..with a chauffeur of the appropriate age of course. Waste was the theme and children went home with vegetable people, plastic bottles that had been made into something else, amazing bug pictures made from sweet papers. Year 6 helped create a fantastic lions sculpture  from plastic bottles. Year 8 had to create a solar toy and present a pitch to the head master and Mr Virgo from Ardingly. They were given a good grilling and the ‘two dragons’ each put their money with different groups. The standard was amazing. Hopefully all the children are now inspired to recycle and reuse and think before something is thrown in the bin. A huge thank you to all the teachers and support staff who threw themselves into helping the children get the most out of the day.

Pictures can be found on the Photo Gallery