Copthorne Prep School took a strong team of 4 Mathematicians to Eagle Houes in Berkshire to take part in a Maths Challenge for year 6 pupils. James and Ryan were in the Red Team and Gurdip and Andy were in the Blue team, in total there were 40 schools taking part. The first round was mental maths and both teams scored highly, with the Red team gaining maximum marks. The second round was ‘Countdown’, the Blue team did very well in this round scoring an impressive score of 75. In the final round it was down to problem solving and using their logical brains! Both teams performed exceptionally well, particulary the Red team who scored third highest of the day in this round. The teams were up against some very strong Schools, but they did Copthorne proud. Final placings were the Red team 18th out of 40 and Team Blue a very impressive 8th. Well done to you all and thanks for entertaining me on our 3 hour epic journey home !!!  Mrs Lee