Year 7 Trip to Wales

Tuesday – Rock Steady

DSC02255DSC02252 P1010074Another superb day greeted us today. After the usual mornings procedures we loaded the mini buses and headed to the Isle of Anglesey (Welsh name: Ynysmon) for Sea traversing and coasteering.  This involved climbing along a 20 foot cliff-face above a sheer drop into the sea and a Tyrolean traverse across a narrow inlet, followed by rock scrambling just above the waves, with the occasional drop into the cold Irish Sea (which made for some great sound effects and facial expressions, Thank you Raymond!). Once again, many of the Year 7s faced their fears and everyone completed every challenge that they were given today. Compared to last night’s indoor Olympics, this evening’s entertainment was more knowledge based. With Mr Coulson as quiz master, teams had to give answers beginning with these letters D o l w a n for the following topics: TV show, food, drink, movie, car, music artist, animal and country.

The more obscure the answer, the better as no points were given to teams with the same answer. Once again group 5 came out on top.

Ending off with day 3’s life lesson: Never use a wetsuit after Mr Pinnock!

Monday – I would walk 500 miles? 

P1010051Well maybe not quite 500 but it sure felt like it!

Today we all set off to conquer some fears and reach new heights by scrambling (cross between climbing and walking) Tryfan, which we were told is about 947m above sea level. Looking up from our starting position at the north face from which we were going to ascend, it didn’t seem that daunting but after an exhausting 7 hrs 33 min and 15 sec later we were sooooo glad to reach the finish. Although it was a long day with a few scrapes and bruises it was definitely well worth it.

P1010040The Copthorne Indoor Olympics followed supper and here are the evening’s events and winners:

Sit ski – Nile C
Hang Touch – Dan P
Tin Can Alley – Alice R
Walk The Plank – Emily W
Busy With The Quizzi – Nathan J & Natasha J
Mystery Round – Elise Fry
Overall winners – Group 5 (Nile, Dan P, Dan W, Emily and Alice)

We all contributed to today’s life lesson: ALWAYS pack a spare jumper.










The Wheels on the bus go round and round…..

All children excited and bags neatly packed (by parents)? Check
Buses loaded? Check
Snacks? Check
Good weather? Check
And we’re off.

It was a smooth trip to Wales, with the odd roadwork and congestion; we made our way to our checkpoints: Oxford and Telford with the usual conundrum of which franchise to visit. Compared to last year’s group, these years 7’s were way more sensible. So we continued onto our final destination, enjoying the spectacular scenery along the way. We arrived roughly around 9pm and after a quick debrief and ‘sorting one’s life out’ it was supper time.  Pizza, salad and not to forget (Mr Pinnock’s fine choice of evening refreshment) squash in a champagne glass. Soon it was time for lights out but not just before Mr Mantle drawing the short straw and Bryn teaching us a valuable life lesson, DON’T add dishing washing liquid to the dishwasher!

DSC02240 DSC02242 IMG_2372 IMG_2379

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