Students with headteacher

Year 8 Senior School entry test results continue to arrive. 

26th February 2016

The latest are from Lingfield Notre Dame, Whitgift, Trinity School and Worth. Every Year 8 child who has attempted entry at Lingfield Notre Dame and Worth has been successful yet again!

Lingfield Notre Dame 
Amber BPlace OfferedSport Scholarship awarded
Nile CPlace Offered
Elise FPlace OfferedSports Scholarship awarded
Natasha JPlace OfferedMusic Scholarship awarded
Catherine PPlace Offered
Alice RPlace OfferedAcademic & Sport Scholarships awarded
Daniel WPlace OfferedAcademic Scholarship awarded
Thomas WPlace Offered
Whitgift School 
Arjun BPlace OfferedDrama Scholarship awarded
Trinity School Croydon 
Daniel WPlace Offered
Worth School 
Hermione APlace OfferedSport Scholarship pending
Amber BPlace OfferedSport Scholarship pending
Nile CPlace Offered
Elliott MPlace OfferedAcademic & Music Scholarships pending
Raymond NPlace Offered
Catherine PPlace OfferedArt Scholarship pending
Daniel PPlace OfferedSport Scholarship pending
Vania SPlace OfferedArt Scholarship pending
Thomas WPlace Offered