Copthorne Prep School’s Mission Statement and Strategic Aims

Mission Statement

Copthorne Prep School has developed an outstanding reputation for helping children to realise their full potential. By providing opportunities for all to succeed, children leave us as confident individuals, well prepared for their progression to senior schools of their choice. We inspire all our pupils to become lifelong learners, responsible global citizens and the very best that they can be.

We strive to:-

  • Instil a desire for excellence in all areas of learning, celebrating effort as well as achievement
  • Offer a well-considered, stimulating curriculum which provides opportunities for children to be challenged, to be curious and to develop as independent learners
  • Support talented and enthusiastic staff who seek to enable children to fulfil their potential
  • Provide a nurturing environment where all children are happy, valued and encouraged to develop as individuals
  • Develop a strong sense of school community that is kind, inclusive and reflects the increasingly diverse and international dimension of school life
  • Provide strong pastoral care based on traditional Christian values of mutual respect towards all members of the community
  • Develop a partnership with pupils, parents and staff to promote a culture of trust, ambition and high achievement

Put very simply our mission is to 

Develop Confidence

Provide Opportunity

Realise Potential

Strategic Aims


  • Create an environment where a culture of high achievement is established by celebrating excellence, but effort is also recognised and rewarded
  • Establish and maintain a curriculum regularly to ensure that it is broad, balanced and relevant, providing opportunities to challenge all children at their appropriate level
  • Apply a comprehensive assessment programme across all years to ensure that every child continues to make progress and receives appropriate support and guidance
  • Prepare children for the technological future in the best possible way through a regular review of Information Technology facilities and staff development
  • Inspire, stimulate and broaden the learning experiences of our children through the provision of a wide range of extracurricular activities
  • Encourage all children to participate in a range of creative and performing arts
  • Promote excellence and opportunity at every level in a wide range of sporting activities

Pastoral Care

  • Recognise the importance of Pastoral Care and ensure that the school environment is nurturing, supports and safeguards every child
  • Encourage all staff to model the expected standard of behaviour and attitudes
  • Reinforce good behaviour
  • Listen to the voice of the student body and to value their opinions
  • Create the opportunity to establish links with national and local charities
  • Actively meet the needs of our working parents through extended day care, flexi-boarding, transport and holiday activities


  • Recruit, retain and provide development opportunities for all staff
  • Ensure that staff are supported through appropriate mentoring, appraisal and training
  • Develop Copthorne as a happy and positive environment in which to work
  • Work closely with Governors to revise and implement the School Development Plan and manage resources effectively
  • Ensure that all compliance and regulatory requirements are met

Site & Buildings

  • Provide the best teaching and learning facilities possible to deliver the curriculum
  • Ensure welfare and health & safety considerations are prominent in all planning and development decisions


  • Ensure that Copthorne gains a reputation as the leading independent prep school in the area
  • Ensure that current parents are highly satisfied & thus advertising the school on our behalf
  • Ensure the public face of the school including publicity material, the website, buildings and grounds is of a high standard
  • Maintain and develop a database of ex-pupils and staff
  • Enhance links with the local community
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