1st IX Rounders v St Aubyns – Won 17½-5

The girls travelled to St Aubyns for their final match and were faced with a mixed age team.  Emotions were running high as we all knew that this would sadly be the last ever fixture with St Aubyns!

Katie lost the toss and the Copthorne girls were put into bat first.  The St Aubyns fielders were excellent in preventing us from scoring full rounders, and their bowler was fast and accurate.  Aafter the first 10 balls we had only scored 4 half rounders from; Micki, Jess, Katie & Chloe with Frosty, Isy & Georgia all being caught out!  Micki was our first batter to score a full rounder, quickly followed by Tori & Roselly.  The half rounders were being found now and we ended our batting innings on 8½ rounders.

It was St Aubyns’ turn to bat.  Roselly’s bowling was excellent, with the St Aubyns’ girls finding it hard to make contact with the ball.  Katie fielded well at backstop and accurately threw to Sofia on 1st post and it wasn’t long before this became a regular pattern and we got all the batters out with no score and 14 balls to spare!

Our second batting innings saw the girls picking out the gaps with Jess and Micki placing their shots nicely just inside 1st post.  Rounders also came from Tori, Roselly and Micki.  We ended this innings with 9 rounders!

The St Aubyns girls faired much better in their second batting innings with a rounder coming off the 1st ball.  We rearranged our fielders with Fi coming off 1st post to give the St Aubyns girls a better chance of scoring.  They managed to score 5 rounders.

A huge thank you to our wonderful supporters for coming every week to cheer on the team.

On behalf of Mr Coulson and myself we would also just like to take this opportunity of thanking all the people who have made this a fabulous, successful sporting year for all at Copthorne.  Firstly the ladies in the office, to Matrons Sue & Sarah, Karen and her team for the great match teas, to Ray, Gary, Richard, Jimmy, Ian & Keith for preparing our pitches & courts and for driving minibuses when needed, and then a HUGE THANK YOU to ALL the brilliant games staff.   MJ

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