U11A Netball v Ardingly – Lost 10-16

Copthorne started the match well by converting their first centre pass into a goal. Ardingly quickly followed suite. Copthorne soon scored their second. However, Ardingly began to set a fast pace and Copthorne began to miss the opportunities they needed to match their score.
In the second quarter Copthorne lost a couple of their centre pass advantages which allowed Ardingly to roar ahead with their score. After some changes and rallying around at half-term the girls began the third quarter well, reducing the distance between the scores and managing to get another five goals.
Ardingly however, did not succumb to our challenge and continued to score despite some brave attempts from our defence.
Copthorne worked hard in the final quarter to catch up and despite playing better they were unable to bridge the gap.
As the girls have only lost two matches this season they must continue to be positive about their playing. For when they play well as a whole team they are very hard to beat. So girls you know you are usually a strong team so let’s make it happen next week. Onwards and upwards.  LD

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