U9A Rounders V Notre Dame Won 16-12

Well despite the dismal weather and 10 tired U9s from the sports day heats earlier on this morning, the U9s held their own and once again were the winners!
Ella C captained the side today and did a great job spurring on the team and depite losing the toss, the U9s came out and tried hard with their batting, scoring 8 rounders in the first innings! They then went into field and and there was some great teamwork resulting in Ella C, Katie and Charlotte all stumping out players, with a great catch also from Charlotte as bowler! As a result of this good first innings, the U9s were up by 4 rounders!

Both teams seemed to lost their focus though in the second innings with the weather contributing to this massively and making the pitch slippery! Despite this though both teams wanted to finish the match and carry on, displaying great determination and perserverance! The match continued and the U9s scored another 8 rounders, taking their total to 16! When fielding the U9s also stumped another player out, and there were two further catches from Charlotte and Amelia!The final result in the end was 16 to Copthorne and 12 to Notre Dame.
Well done to all of the U9s and the parents that braved the weather today, lots of stars and early nights all round I think!

Notre Dames player of the match today was shared between Charlotte and Amelia, who were my players of the match to for their catches!
Ella D 3, Kushi 2.5, Amelia 2, Ella C 2, Katherine 2, Josie 1.5, Charlotte 1.5, Neve 1, Katie 0.5, Rosie. T.C

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