U9A Rounders v St.Aubyns & BHHS – Won 10½-8½, Won 8-4

Well what a superb way to end the season, term and year for the U9s! They played a triangular today against St.Aubyns and BHHS with each match consisting of one timed innings. Copthorne were up against St. Aubyns first who went out and batted well resulting in Copthorne knowing that they would have to go out and bat hard when it was their turn.  However there was still some good fielding and teamwork from Copthorne whilst fielding, resulting in them stumping out three of St. Aubyns players! Copthorne definitely stepped up their game when it was their turn to bat and there was full rounders scored from Charlotte, Neve, Kushi and Valentina (our secret Italian weapon!) and good halves from Charlotte, Amelia, Ella D, Ella C, Katherine, Neve and Kushi. The final score at the end of this match was 10½ to Copthorne and 8½ to St. Aubyns! Well done the U9s!

Copthorne then had a short break whilst St. Aubyns played BHHS, with St. Aubyns coming out victorious winning the match with 7½ rounders to BHHS 4!

Next it was the last match of the afternoon, Copthorne v BHHS and the U9s definitely finished on a high, winning the overall triangular! They went out and fielded brilliantly with Amelia taking a super catch from a backwards hit and Ella C, Ella D and Kushi working well together around second post, stumping out a further 3 players, and only allowing 4 rounders to be scored! Copthorne then went in for their final batting of the season and didn’t disappoint with more full rounders scored from Amelia, Ella D, Ella C and Neve, and halves from Amelia, Ella D, Katie, Ella C and Katherine. The final score in the end was 8 rounders to Copthorne and 4 for BHHS! Well done to all of the U9s, I could not be more proud of you all! It has been a pleasure to work with you all this year, and in fact all of the year groups at Copthorne, as it has been lovely to watch your progression over the year, and watch the progression of girls sport in the school! Go TEAM COPTHORNE!

Thank you to all of the girls for their hard work, commitment, dedication and determination at times, as without this we would not be able to get the fantastic results we are producing each week! Thank you also to all the parents and spectators who have always come to support at matches, as it does help, and means a lot! The final person I have to say a big thank you to is Mrs Jones as without her the girls games department would not be as it is today, so thank you Mrs Jones from myself and all of the girls!
I wish the U9s all the best for next year, as well as all the other girls teams throughout Copthorne! Well done again girls and a big well done to Valentina our secret Italian weapon who was our guest player for Copthorne today!

Amelia 3½, Charlotte 2½, Ella C 2½, Neve 2½, Ella D 2, Valentina 2, Kushi 1½, Katherine 1½, Katie ½ TC

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